Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Germany!

Some fun facts about Germany!

  • People here drive nuts!
  • The left side of the road is really just a passing lane!
  • The parks here are crazy! They have contraptions that would make an adult want to go play!
  • The red light does not go from red to green like US does but it goes red, yellow, green! Weird but I found it cool.
  • The pretzels are amazing!!!
  • Most people here speak English!
  • The town toilets aren't really meant for pooping, you have to have a scrub thing, or either there is a different button to smash for flushing poop!
  • It is perfectly fine to drink from the tap here!
  • And I am pretty positive the church bell goes off about every 30 minutes! (but it's nice).
  • Maternity leave is three years- 2 paid years and 1 year of your position being held! 
  • There are 3 drinking ages; at 14 you are allowed to drink beer or wine with a parent present, 16 you are allowed to buy beer or wine without an adult, and 18 you can buy any alcoholic beverage!
  • Everything is closed in Sunday
  • They count using their thumb! So if you say you want 2 using your pointer finger and middle finger they'll count it as 3
  • It's illegal to spank your children! 
  • You'll get fined if your trash flows over
  • Prostitution is legal
  • It is illegal to leave your car running, even on a cold frigid day when all you wanna do is heat up your car!
  • Cigarette Vending Machines are still "in style" here
  • On older houses the year it was made is posted above the door. Houses date back to late 1800's early 1900's even earlier.
  • Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Frog Prince are just few of many popular German fairy tales.
  • Gas is so expensive that most families just buy train passes
  • Religion percentages- Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 3.7%, unaffiliated or other 28.3%
  • Most stores close early on Saturdays but they count Saturdays as part of the work week
  • Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE rides bicycles here!
  • Most of the castles here have been turned into restaurants or hotels.
  • In Germany there are over 300 different types of bread.
  • Germans answer their phones by using their surname.
  • Germany is the cheapest place in Europe to buy bear.
  • Germany is "environmental friendly" 
  • There are 11 nuclear plants, but most of the power plants are closing. 

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