Sunday, October 16, 2011


Heidelberg Facts: 
is the fifth largest city and Germany
it is located along the Rhine River
home of Heidelberg University 
the U.S Army has had a base in Heidelberg since 1951
it is the warmest region in Germany 
has the oldest library still in tact
U.S. Army General George S Patton died in the Army Hospital here 9 December 1945
Home to The Church of the Holy Spirit, which is a half Catholic half Protestant Church 
Castle on top of the hill. This castle(along with many other German castles) was destroyed by the French

 A church in the middle of Heidelberg 

 The Heidelberg Castle

 A painting on the side of the Cathedral 

 The gate to the old bridge
 A statue on the Old Bridge

 A statue
 This was a hike up

 This is to catch the rocks that will fall from the ceiling 

 peep hole
 the view from the peep hole

 This wine barrel was no joke 20ft tall! It took up whole room! My puny little camera could get a picture of the whole thing! But it took up a whole entire room 

 On top of the wine barrel

 The view from almost the back of the wine barrel 

 I need the time, can you tell me what time it is?

 This is an easier clock!

 This was a little door a part of a HUGE door
 ruined parts of the castle


 Pretzel anyone?

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