Sunday, October 2, 2011

Metz, France

 The old border patrol. It is no longer in use because you no longer need to show your passport when passing the border!
 Sign to France

 A sign for the American cemetery for all soldiers that died in the war!

 Sign for Metz

 Part of the old City Wall

 I'm not sure what this building is
 Old Wall Tower!

 A Gate
 A statue for fallen soldiers in both of the World Wars

 A very old door!
 I wasn't meaning to get a picture of this lady I was trying to get a picture of the "undress like a princesse"

 A little band

 A building used for a shop!

 cathédrale saint etienne

 Side of the Cathedral



 Pipe Organ! 

 No toilet seat! And no this is not the men's bathroom! EWW
 Old Roman Fortress Ruin



 Faith started rolling down the hill like Rapunzel in "Tangled"


 This castle was built by the Germans when they had taken over this part of France.

 from here, Metz that Lafayette went to fight for the estates of indapendance States of America. August 8, 1775
 marquis de Lafayette
 the first time when I heard the name of America I loved, now I knew she was fighting for his freedom, I burn with the desire to shed my blood for her
 Metz Courthouse 

 Metz Courthouse

 Metz Courthouse 

 Metz Courthouse 

 Sleeping Beauties, ahaha. Everyone in the back was asleep!

 The Dukes Castle

 Sign for the Castle in the hill

 A castle on the countryside of France

 The doors (blue and brownish) are old basement doors

 Very tight road!

 This is part of the castle that the dukes lived in in this province (looooong time ago).

 sign for Luxenburg! 

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